Dubsmash APP on your mobile

Dubsmash APP on your mobile

Dubsmash is a mobile app that allows you to create videos using sound effects and clips from movies and several popular media. The Dubsmash app is basically a lip-sync tool, where you can record yourself and link your actions to whatever sound effect you choose.

People on Youtube happened to start Dubsmashing way before the app came out. Users liked to record themselves dancing or reacting to sound clips and sound effects from famous movies such as “Psycho” or any sort of media or TV show that had an interesting audio clip. The result came to be a huge wave of new videos and users that based their uploads solely on Dubsmashing.

Dubsmash APP

Dubsmash App

The Dubsmash app was developed in response and it became an instant success. Dubsmash allows you to share said videos on several social networks, including Facebook and Whatsapp. You can also send the video to other users and share it with whoever you like.

The app basically opens up a huge library with a selection of sound effects from movies and TV series. You choose the category that approaches your preference and then select the sound effect. The app will then let you record a video over the sound effect and you will be able to edit it so the sound and video are well-put together.

You can download Dubsmash app on your mobile device app store.

Dubsmash app for IOS:


Dubsmash app for Android:


The app itself does not occupy too much memory on your phone, but the videos may take more space than you may have available.

The app store is the best place to download the Dubsmash app, unless you want a version that is out-of-date. Your phone must have a decent enough camera to be able to record the video and enough RAM capacity to run the video editor smoothly. Some older smartphones won’t be able to use Dubsmash correctly.

As of August 31st of 2015, Dubsmash has managed to surpass the 75 million download mark, and raising over 5 million dollars. The app is so successful because no other application has let users take clips from famous movies and TV series. Vine and Instagram are the closest competitors, but neither allow the user to select a soundtrack from a wide array of choices. Vine and Instagram have several limitations, but the main product is just not able to compete with what Dubsmash has to offer.

What’s fun about Dubsmash is that you can spend your whole day recording yourself dubbing every sound effect. Then you can add them to your personal gallery and upload them whenever you see fit. Dubsmash is the perfect time-killer and it may help you gain a better control of your image, since the “selfie” phenomenon has already caught on. Everyone nowadays likes to record themselves and send the clip to their contacts. Dubsmash app lets you take the game a bit further by allowing you to be funny by adding a fitting soundtrack to your micro film.

Dubsmash is growing to be an important figure in the selfie-app business. Currently, they are employing whoever seems fit to work with them. Their actual job positions are available to see in http://www.dubsmash.com/jobs/. A great app is not created by accident. Most successful mobile apps have a team of dedicated experts behind them. With Dubsmash it is no different. The Dubsmash app has a constant rating of 4 stars or more on every mobile app store. It is a great deal to be able to develop a consistent video-editing tool, and the fact that it is able to share the rendered video to several media just adds to the merit the Dubsmash team deserves.

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