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Dubsmash Download

 You can download Dubsmash on your mobile device app store.

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Dubsmash allow users to ‘dub’ their favorite sound clips from movies and TV series. This is an app where you record yourself or others in video, then match the recorded clip to a sound you have selected from a vast library of famous sound clips and sound effects.

The existence of Dubsmash is no coincidence. People have liked to perform lip-sync since they were able to record video with sound. Not too long ago, a dubbing wave took over Youtube and users were flooding the feed of their subscribers with lip-sync funny videos. This is also performed on Vine and on Instagram, but Dubsmash is the only app that allows users to choose the sound effect from a huge selection of soundtracks coming from movies and TV series.

Not every smartphone is able to run Dubsmash. Your phone must have a good camera (both rear and front cameras) and enough RAM to be able to run the video editor correctly. Most phones cannot handle the memory required to edit and render video. This is also true for Instagram and Vine, which are the other two major video-sharing apps on the market.

People nowadays love to record themselves and take photos of what they’re doing. It is only natural that an app such as Dubsmash was developed. Every opportunity to create an app where the users record and share material will be exploited, since users are uploading all of their activities to the Internet. Some people are against the phenomenon, but the sole truth is that it is happening. Developers take advantage of this fact and, such as in the case of Dubsmash, they managed to generate over 5 million dollars.

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Dubsmash App

Youtube, Vine and Instagram also allow the user to record, edit and upload videos. They can also share them through several social media. But no other app allows the user to pick a sound and then match the video to that soundtrack. Using Dubsmash is particularly fun for kids and teens since they love to share their activities on social media. Dubsmash allows them to spend countless hours of fun recording themselves and creating content. Nowadays it is very possible to become a celebrity by consistently uploading content to social media.

Vine and Youtube celebrities are specially known for their video content. Regular media celebrities see Internet celebrities as a joke and they try to discredit them. But what is actually happening is that the Internet is able to reach a broader audience than movies and television combined. The Internet allows the user to look exactly what he or she wants, while also receiving personalized entertainment from whatever creator they prefer. This is the method employed in Youtube, where users ‘subscribe’ to a channel and they receive every update proceeding from it. If the user does not like the content, they can always unsubscribe. This is not possible in regular media such as TV and movies. In TV you have to see the commercials, and if you don’t like the movie you paid to see there’s not much you can do. The Internet lets the user to have control over what they receive, and this is not a good sign to the mainstream media producers.

What is happening right now is the rising of the new celebrities and means of entertainment. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in favor or against the media phenomenon, the truth is that it is already happening and we must either join the movement or watch it from afar. Either way, the best solution is always to benefit from it.

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