How register in Outlook

If you want register in Outlook all you have to do is follow the steps in this tutorial, Outlook (Former Hotmail) is a free email service by Microsoft, you can access to it trough your computer web browser or using an app in your mobile device, let’s begin the registration.

We will register from a web browser in a computer, in your web browser go to or and under the login fields you’ll see a link for “Create account/Register” click on it, you will see a form you must fill with your information, it’s just basic information profile (Name, pick an username and a password, gender, country) after you fill it, accept the Microsoft terms and conditions and you’re ready. In the account options you can edit all the data (Except for the username) any time you want. In the home page/inbox page you will see the emails you’ve received, the left side of the page will contain your folders (Inbox, sent, spam, drafts, junk) you can create unlimited folders for saving files by category like office, home, photos, music or college.

register in Outlook

Register in Outlook

If you have problems at the time of registration, check all your data is properly written, there some restrictions, the username could already be in use, or the password could be less than 8 characters. Make sure you wrote everything correctly before continue.  Remember that when you register in Outlook you also have access to a list of services and extras that Microsoft offers for free like Skype or OneDrive. You can also use Outlook from your mobile device (Smartphone, tablet), just go to your device store and search the Outlook/Hotmail app (Make sure it’s the official one), download it, install it and run it, then sign in normally, Outlook will ask if you want give you phone access to your contact list and calendar, press yes and that’s it.

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