How to create a Dubsmash video

How to create a Dubsmash video

Dubsmash helps users take an audio track, whether it’s a series, film, or phrase famous, to add to an own recording, in which you get you or someone else, and achieve a playback.

Create a video in Dubsmash can be very easy to do, because the service, itself, is very simple and intuitive, for example, you select the audio track that you like and then you press an option from the application that will allow you to record yourself.

It is not necessary to have a video ready, or move it to a specific folder for later use, the application itself is responsible for this task, akin to upload a video to Instagram.

como crear un video dubsmash

como crear un video dubsmash

We can say that to create a video on Dubsmash, only you need to have the app downloaded on your cell, then select the audio you want and at the end make a recording, from the same application, trying to synchronize your video with the essence of the audio track you chose.

The part that can seem to many complicated is synchronization to ensure that both parties engage and it seems more realistic, that is the creation of a playback.

You can be a little tricky at first synchronization, but as you’re creating a video you get experience to be able to Intuit how must make recording and the movements of the lips so it seems that both move at a pace.

You can also find tutorials to learn the concepts of a playback and how to properly make one, as well as a few tips that could serve to make your video to become viral.

How to upload an audio to Dubsmash

Dubsmash provides the ability to upload your own audio tracks, i.e. If you want the service to offer a sound of a particular film or series, you can provide it to service your account. However, it is something that cannot be performed from the application itself, but from this web site.

To upload an audio to Dubsmash you should access ‘‘.

Although the site is in English, it is not complicated to upload the audio since only you have to click the box that says “Choose File”, which in Spanish means “Select file”.

It is important to clarify that only you can do this in browsers such as Chrome and Safari, in others as Firefox can not upload the tracks since the site won’t let you.

Once you have uploaded the file, they must attach to track a name, a category and language on which is recorded the audio so that you can identify in the community.

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