How to Install Dubsmash

Install Dubsmash

Dubsmash is an application that took the world by surprise since its launch in November 2014. In only 6 months of its launch, this amazing application was downloaded more than 10 million people in Google Play.

The application has become all the rage in the loving masses of technology. If you don’t know how to use DubsMash yet, don’t worry. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you understand this application so you can use it also.

  1. download and install
    The application can be easily found at google play. Equally, we leave them here for easy download link: & hl = es_419how to install dubsmash
  2. Select languageselect lenguage

After installation, the application you will ask language preference. Based on what language / location that you select, the application will suggest sounds you will need to create Dubs.

lenguage english

  1. Select the sound

To create your video Dubsmash, the first thing you need is a sound. For this is the library of sounds. You can choose between trends or recent sounds. You can also search for a sound of an actor in particular, movie, lyrics, etc. If that isn’t enough, you can choose various animal sounds, characters from cartoons or even sounds based on States of mind, such as fun, romantic, etc.

select audio


Sounds of Dubsmash library is continuously updated by itself and has millions of options, can be pretty sure that you can have variety of sounds to choose from.

  1. to record: now that you have selected the sound, it’s time to record. When you are done, you can now share it with your friends on social networks available.

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